29 février 2016

Sylvia Gajewski, «I found my language with textile» "J'ai trouvé mon langage avec le textile"

Santiago du Chili – 28 aout 2009

Your activity:

I am a teacher in textile art technics, in a Fashion Institute. It is a very intense job, I learn everyday. I practice painting, sculpture, ceramic, and more personnal works. Each day is different and I enjoy my works.

How did you come to that :  

I studied in Art licence, and as I enjoyed drawing, I studied… It was a failure.
Small sizes were boring for me, I tested to work on wood, metal, and textile, which allowed taller size, more volume. The tridimensionality was interesting for me. I was excited by the fabrics, the colous, the clothes, the batiks…
And my creativ process: I was inspired by the access to the language for the Man: the prehistoric man, for example in Lascaux, had to do some marks, had to find ways to express himself. And I followed this quest. I found my language with textile: it’s my idea of communication.

Your success, Satisfactions

To teach is the most satisfying for me. What would satisfy me even more, would be to have more time for my workshop. And I really have the project to test my exclusive design for textile. I already begann to show my textiles to designers, and we’ll see if it works…

Your obstacles, difficulties:

In the Chilean artististic atmosphere, drawing and sculpture are very recognized, as « Beaux Arts », but I think there are only copies of what is done in Europe. In Exhibitions, museums, galleries, always the same…
Textile Art is not known enough in Chile… I only took part of an exhibition of visual arts with textile art, or symposium of shibori…
I would like having more time for my family and friends, Because with all my activities, I’m tired, busy. It’s difficult, I organize my time in different periods: In summer, I do ceramic, and in winter, I do textile art (it’s warmer!)
Is it ok with your family, personnal life? You just begann to answer!…

How do you see yourself in 5 years?

With children, and turned crazy, with too many things to do!
Busy with my exhibitions, with the cooking, the clothes, the house, the workshop, the lessons, everything! Like every latine woman, … and every woman of the world!
But happy, and it’s essential, for each woman, to ask what her heart has to say, to follow the way of her heart.

A message to other women:

To be happy in their activity. To look for happyness in a quiet moment, and to question their heart, deeply it will answer how to get it.