1 avril 2016

MOMONGA, « a strong friendship and creativity for some « new-wave » Furoshikis », "Une amitié et une créativité fortes pour des furoshikis actuels"

Nom – Name: Yukari et Konomi
Activity: furoshikis new wave
Adress: Tokyo, Japan – Design Festa Gallery

Momonga, Furoshiki moderne,Tokyo, Japan
Momonga, Furoshiki moderne,Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Design Festa GAllery, 12 november, 2009

Can you present your activity ?
This project name is Momonga. Momonga is a Small eurasian flying squirrel.
We  use Furoshiki from the Japanese Culture, but to give them a new sense to this old square fabric. This project has two roles : to wrap, and to tie up.
We don’t want to make classical Furoshikis, but something creative. We wanted also to communicate Japanese culture, but in a new way…
We want to say sort of ecology speech, because one square fabric has many uses : alternative to plastic bag, but also a jacket, or blancket… many ways to carry items…
we want to tell fun of creativity, to express from old culture.
How did they come to that activity ?
Yukari can do sewing, and Konomi can design.
Yukari graduated at University for clothes, had a job for a small company making kimonos. Kokomo created jewelry, but didn’t go to school : she learnt by herself.
Konomi went to highschool, studied teare, and for two months in New York, she was assistant in Broadway for Imaï Massayuki, on the play « Wind of God » (about japanese soldiers in the 2nd World War).
12 years ago we met in a theatre in Tokyo, Konomi was actress and Yukari did make up. Konomi was very nervous about the stage, and Yukari told her some warm words, they opened to each other, and began a strong friendship.
They have complementary skills and for 12 years they didn’t fight. They compare their relationship as husband and wife’s ! They don’t want to tell their age !
Success and Satisfactions
This first exhibition is a big satisfaction : they could have new incounter personns, received news comments about their work.
They could find confidence for their project and found ways for the future. This exhibition lasted 3 days. In one week, they go to California for 4 days for a big exhibition of Japanese culture, with other Japanese designers.
Difficulties :
They don’t feel bad feelings, but one thing sounds like a trouble : it is difficult to communicate their concept. For example, people only think of Furoshiki, but they have to make public understand they have more to propose.
Don’t feel pain, can not do expression, when they feel pain. But they must go on, it is a very sensitive project (tears…) Every day they have to step up…
What about their projects in 5 years?
They have big projects in 5 years. They collaborated with a movie maker. The actress is wearing the bag « Momoonga ». It is the first time Momoonga has a collaboration with a big company, and can merchandise, sell product from the film.
Before this movie, every piece was handmade, and now they can produce and sell more and more models.
Message or Question to other women :
Please trust yourself ! Life goes on. It is very difficult, to trust in themselves.
It is very important to believe, to make power, to have confidence in the creativity, the work.
Konomi wants to ask if we feel different, when we have a baby…The change between before and after a baby, in the expression of creativity.
Yukari wants to know how creative women manage to face the walls, the difficulties, the problems in life … how creators in other countries can find solutions to the difficulties of creations…
Thank you, AYUMI TAKAHASHI, for the translation !!!